Collection: Body Building Bikini Collections

Check out our Body Builder Bikini line. We have teamed up with Jess & Kat Designs to create our bases and we create all the Bling in your design. 

Decide on your Rhinestone pattern and then fill out our Consultation Form to get the custom design process started. 

You will need to pick your Top and Bottom Connectors (only the base connector is included), Fabric and the Rhinestone Colors to help you create that 1 of a kind Competition Suit. 

Connectors are extra if not choosing the 1 Row Connector that is included. 

Orders must be made 10-12 weeks in advance and 50% deposit is required to get on our calendar. 

Contact us today to get started! 


Let's get Started on your Suit

Totally Custom Suit that you get to Design

Our Bling Owl Babes Suit is the perfect accessory for all your hardwork. Step up on stage and feel confident that you are the most beautiful Competitor out there.

With our Bling Suit, you will rock and shine. 

We can create your Body Builder Competition Bikini for any Category

We have been creating Rhinestone Apparel for over 20 years but just venturing into the Body Builder Competition line.
Let us help you share all your assets and hard work in our Suits.

We may have just begun but we are already winning with our Ambassador Kacie, NPC Atlantic & Armed Bikini 35+ Winner and Overall Winner. 

We feel that Body Building is like a Pageant, where you want to look your best on stage and that means you have to have a suit fitted to you, that you get to design, that you get to pick out. You have come to the right place where you will love your suit when we are done. 

How to order your Bling Owl Babes Bikini

  • Schedule a Consultation with Us
  • Decide your Competition Category/Suit Requirements
  • Pick your Fabric Colors
  • Pick your 2-3 Rhinestone Colors
  • Pick your Connectors 
  • Pay your 50% Non Refundable Deposit to get on our schedule

Please fill out the Consultation Form below  


Pick out all your Fabric and Connectors then schedule a Consultation with us. 


Your Suit will be fitted 1-2 weeks prior so we get your exact measurements before
we ship out. 


When your Suit arrives, please share your Stage photos with us and tag @blingowlcreations and @blingowlbabes on your social media to help us get the word out. 


Our Promise

We are so excited to add this Bikini line to our business. We will work hard to create your special and unique suit that makes you feel like a beauty when you step on that stage. We look forward to earning your trust in the years to come. 


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